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Usted también podrá disfrutar de ella (1973), Ana Diosdado

Yours for the Asking (1995), translated by Patricia O'Connor

  • Diosdado, Ana. 1995. Yours for the Asking, trans. Patricia W. O’Connor. Pennsylvania, Estreno

  • Diosdado, Ana. 2000. ‘Yours for the Asking’, trans. Patricia W. O’Connor. In Modern Continental Drama by Women, ed. Alan Barr, pp. 226-74. New York, Oddessy Press

  • Diosdado, Ana. 2007. Yours for the Asking, trans. Patricia W. O’Connor (revised edn). Pennsylvania, Estreno

  • SUSI, A young model about 20 years old
  • JUAN, 38-year-old journalist
  • CELIA, Pretty 25-year-old lover of JAVIER
  • MANNY, About 26 years old, charming and outgoing photographer
  • THE ‘MAN IN THE STREET’ (Martinez, Coroner, Neighbour, Super, Agent, all played by this same actor)

Entry written by Gwynneth Dowling. Last updated on 14 February 2011.

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