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Siempre se olvida algo (c.1964), Virgilio Piñera


A comedy in one act and two scenes.


The opening stage directions state:

'Living room: two armchairs, a sofa, coffee table, vase on top of the table, paintings, standard lamp (lit), telephone. Front door, side door; next to the front door a large suitcase and a sunshade can be seen; on the floor, next to one of the armchairs, an open suitcase; on top of the chair, clothes and toiletries. It is night-time. Present day (1964).'

Other significant props include a newspaper, the telephone, a handbag, hairbrush, wrist watch, a bottle of iodine, a bottle of aspirin and a sweet potato.

Lina is dressed in a tailored suit and hat.  Señora Camacho wears an antiquated overcoat with hat and veil and ankle boots.  Tota, the maid, is also out of fashion in a long yellow dress and a black beret.

Cast number
Minimum Maximum
1 male 1 male
4 females 4 females
5 (total) 5 (total)






Entry written by Gwendolen Mackeith. Last updated on 15 June 2012.

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