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Valor, agravio y mujer (?), Ana Caro


It is a three-act comedia.


At the start, Estela and Lisarda are dressed in hunting gear, and they carry staffs as they descend a rocky crag. Thunder and lightning crash as they come down. The lackey hides the bandits’ weapons in some trees or bushes. The scene then shifts to a domestic interior. In the second act a reja or screen needs to act as the garden gate, as the ‘lovers’ engage in conversation between the grate, and they cannot see the face of the person they are speaking to. The doors upstage lead to Estela’s bedroom. There is sword fighting. Flora steals Ribete’s purse while he’s asleep.

Cast number
Minimum Maximum
8 males 12 males
4 females 4 females
12 (total) 16 (total)
Cast information
Plus assistants, attendants, ruffians and townsfolk.
  • LISARDA, The Countess’s cousin
  • ESTELA, The Countess
  • TIBALDO, Bandit
  • RUFINO, Bandit
  • ASTOLFO, Bandit
  • JUAN DE CÓRDOBA, A gentleman
  • TOMILLO, Juan’s lackey
  • FERNANDO DE RIVERA, Leonor’s brother
  • GODOFRE, Captain of the Guard
  • LEONOR, Fernando’s sister
  • RIBETE, Leonor’s lackey
  • FINEO, A servant

FLORA, A servant

Entry written by Kathleen Jeffs. Last updated on 4 October 2010.

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