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Pic-Nic (c.1952), Fernando Arrabal

Productions in Spanish

Pic-Nic o día de campo (Paula Brusca)

Director: Paula Brusca
Dates: June 2007
Venue: Teatro Corrientes Azul
Location: Corrientes, Argentina

Pic-Nic (Antonio Valls)

Director: Antonio Valls
Production company: Totart TA3
Dates: from February 2009 to May 2009
Venue: Sala Totart
Location: Valencia, Spain

Pic-Nic (Sergio López)

Director: Sergio López
Production company: Teatro Percutor
Dates: September 2009
Venue: Casa de la Cultura
Location: Torrelaguna, Spain

Pic-Nic (Montse Medina)

Director: Montse Medina
Dates: May 2010
Venue: IES San Sebastián
Location: Huelva, Spain
Further information

Videos of this production can be watched by clicking on the Biblioteca IES San Sebastián website [accessed February 2011]

Los inocentes (Juan Galindo)

Director: Juan Galindo
Production company: Medusa d'Or
Dates: May 2010
Venue: Casa de la Cultura
Location: Alicante, Spain
Further information

This was an adaptation of Pic-Nic, renamed Los inocentes (The Innocents). In this version, Zapo is called Cándido. Instead of a visit from his parents, he is visited by his girlfriend Paz (Peace) and his sister Pura (Pure) on the battlefield. The character of Zepo is renamed Inocencio (Innocence).

Productions in English

Picnic on the Battlefield

Based on translation: Picnic on the Battlefield (1986) by Barbara Wright
Production company: The Laboratory Theater of Florida
Dates: July 2010
Venue: Sidney and Berne Davis Arts Centre
Location: Fort Myers, Florida, United States

Picnic on the Battlefield (Alan Perrin)

Director: Alan Perrin
Based on translation:
Production company: Big Pants Theatre
Dates: from 6 March 2011 to 13 March 2011
Venue: The Lectern Pub
Location: Brighton, United Kingdom
Further information

Pictures from this production taken by Jane Postlewaite can be found on Flickr [accessed March 2011].

Productions in French

Pique-Nique en campagne (Jean Marie Serreau)

Director: Jean Marie Serreau
Dates: April 1959
Location: France
Further information

This was the first production in France of a play by Arrabal.

Entry written by Gwynneth Dowling. Last updated on 15 March 2011.

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