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Las mocedades del Cid (1612-1615), Guillén de Castro


This is a three-act comedia.


The first scene is a sacramental ceremony, a mix of knighthood and baptism. There is a ‘discovery space’ scene in the first act when they go to the altar of Santiago, the patron saint of Spain. Behind the curtain we see the altar of Santiago, a silver font, a sword, and golden spears. The King ceremonially gives Rodrigo a sword, and Urraca puts the spurs on Rodrigo. The third scene opens with Rodrigo’s brothers removing his armour and weapons. Diego Laínez enters with his staff broken into two parts, a symbol of his loss of honour and power because Lozano has struck him. He speaks to his armour hanging on the wall, as each sword and shield tells a story of his past bravery. Rodrigo has a sword fight with the Count, which results in the Count’s death. There is more blood in the second act when Jimena enters carrying a bloody handkerchief, and Diego Laínez’s cheek is bloody. Multiple locations are needed, such as when Rodrigo visits the Count’s house and is hidden behind a curtain by Elvira. Rodrigo has a dagger which he gives to Jimena, telling her to kill him to even the score. Urraca, from her rooms, looks out over a landscape and comments on its beauty, so there should be somewhere she can sit and look out a window, conversing with Rodrigo below. The King of the Moors chases a shepherd, and the shepherd is seen upon a craggy mountainside. The sound of trumpets and drums is heard. There is a fight between Rodrigo and the King of the Moors, and the Moors are taken prisoner. Prince Sancho lashes out at his Fencing Master, and both of them carry swords. A servant brings a bloody spear to Urraca which Urraca used to kill a wild boar. Jimena wears mourning clothes. The King receives a letter. Rodrigo appears outside with his soldiers, a shepherd, and a leper whose wounds are in an advanced stage of infection and decay. Rodrigo covers him with a cloak and offers him food. The leper leaves the stage and has time to change into a white tunic to appear (from above) as Lazarus. Jimena receives a letter. Later, she appears dressed in her formal clothes, ready for her wedding. At the end, Rodrigo presents Jimena with the severed head of Martín.

Cast number
Minimum Maximum
9 males 17 males
4 females 5 females
13 (total) 22 (total)
Cast information
plus more servants, soldiers and townsfolk
  • THE KING, Fernando
  • THE PRINCE, Sancho
  • THE PRINCESS, Urraca
  • RODRIGO, ‘El Cid’
  • DIEGO LAÍNEZ, Rodrigo’s father
  • COUNT LOZANO, Jimena’s father
  • JIMENA GÓMEZ, Count Lozano’s daughter
  • ELVIRA, Jimena’s servant
  • HERNÁN DÍAZ, Rodrigo’s brother
  • BERMUDO LAÍN, Rodrigo’s brother
  • FENCING TEACHER, To Prince Sancho
  • MOORISH SOLDIERS, At least 4
  • LEPER, Who becomes St. Lazarus

Entry written by Kathleen Jeffs. Last updated on 4 October 2010.

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