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Las aeróbicas (Delirio otoñal) (2006-2007), Maxi Rodríguez


The play is divided into ten scenes. Scene 1 takes place in a gym in which Mari Paz and Margarita are sitting on exercise bikes before Margarita tries to escape through the window. Scene 2 takes place in the old people’s home and introduces the third woman, Mariví, to the audience. Scene 3 takes place outside as the women enjoy their first taste of freedom, splashing in a fountain. Scene 4 moves the action to Mariví’s former house that her daughter and son-in-law have now taken over. In scene 5 the women visit a shopping mall where they try to recruit other elderly women for their cause. Scene 6 takes place back in Mariví’s former house. Scene 7 takes place outside, as the women try to sell drugs at a dance hall. Scene 8 is set in Mariví’s house as the women accidentally attack Franki, the gym instructor. In scene 9, Mari Paz and Mariví are in the marital bed of Mariví’s daughter and son-in-law. In scene 10 the women escape out of the gym window on the now-mobile exercise bikes.

  • The playwright specifies that the actresses playing the elderly women should be around about the same age as the characters.
  • Margarita walks on crutches following her fall out of the window in scene 1.
  • In scenes 1 and 10 exercise bikes are required. In scene 10 the ending of the play necessitates a method of depicting how the women lift off through the window at the end.
  • When the women first escape from the old people’s home in scene 3 they frolic in a fountain in a town square.
  • In the shopping mall in scene 5 the elderly ladies the women try to enlist do not appear on stage.
  • When the women establish their base at Mariví's daughter and son-in-law’s house, the items in the living room gradually disappear as they sell them off to raise money for their cause.
  • The following items are used in the course of scenes in Mariví's daughter and son-in-law's house: mobile phone; alcohol; a powder representing cocaine; the photo-album carried by Margarita; a clothes-line to tie up Franki; sex shop masks with flashing rubber penises.
  • In scene 9 Mariví and Mari Paz are lying in bed together.
  • At the end of the play the playwright suggests an ET-inspired scene with the image of one of the elderly women passing the moon on an exercise bike.
Cast number
Minimum Maximum
1 male 1 male
3 females 3 females
4 (total) 4 (total)
  • MARGARITA, 78 years old
  • MARI PAZ, 73 years old
  • MARIVÍ, 71 years old
  • FRANKI, A hunk of no specific age

Entry written by Gwynneth Dowling. Last updated on 18 November 2010.

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