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La negra (1999), Luis Miguel González Cruz


This is a one-act play.


La negra (The Negress) features a large amount of heavy drug use and nudity. It is mostly set in the squalid apartment where Isabel and Captain live. At the beginning of the play a large motorbike sits in the middle of the room. In the next scene, Ana and Ray ride the motorbike.

Captain ties Ana to a chair or table in order to tattoo her. The noise of the tattoo gun is heard often.

As the play progresses, Ana’s naked chest becomes more and more bloodied. At times, it is wrapped in bandages. The tattoo on her chest is never revealed, remaining hidden under a huge black scab.


Isabel likes to dance to music on a record player. At one point she puts on the blues/jazz song Why Don’t You Do Right? by Kansas Joe McCoy. Later in the play, Isabel’s dialogue includes song lyrics, including The Sea by Morcheeba. The play ends with lyrics, spoken by Isabel, taken from Iggy Pop’s song Tonight. This song is about a lover dying of a heroin overdose.

Cast number
Minimum Maximum
3 males 3 males
2 females 2 females
5 (total) 5 (total)
  • RAY
  • ANA

Entry written by Gwynneth Dowling. Last updated on 22 May 2011.

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