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La Jacoba (1789), Luciano Francisco Comella


The play is divided into four acts.


Much of the action takes place in wealthy houses around London. Jacoba herself is very finely dressed and adorned with jewels. In act 2 Milord Tomlin stands on the banks of the River Thames, where he contemplates throwing himself in. In act 4 Tomlin and the Count meet in a clearing to duel. The Count carries two revolvers.

The painting that the Count is having done for his new wife features Jacoba with a bloodied chest and the Count standing over her with a dagger.

The Spanish dialogue is delivered in octosyllabic verse.

Cast number
Minimum Maximum
4 males 5 males
2 females 2 females
6 (total) 7 (total)
  • MILEDI JACOBA, Wife of the Count of Esteren
  • MILORD TOMLIN, Lover of Jacoba
  • COUNT OF ESTEREN, Husband of Jacoba
  • COUNT OF BEUTIF, A serious man, friend to Milord
  • BARONET LICOT, Forgetful young man
  • ENRIQUETA, Jacoba‚Äôs maidservant
  • A PAGE

Entry written by Gwynneth Dowling. Last updated on 24 May 2011.

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