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El perro del hortelano (1613-1615), Lope de Vega Carpio


This is a three-act comedia. The genre is comedia palatina, though it does have elements of the comedia de capa y espada.


In the first scene, Diana emerges from her bedchamber, possibly in her nightdress. Her servant Fabio finds the intruder’s hat, which has been thrown at a lamp and burnt. Letters are read aloud onstage. Teodoro offers the Countess his hand wrapped in a handkerchief when she falls, but she asks him to uncover it and take her bare hand. Diana hits Teodoro in the face in the second act, causing his nose to bleed, and she takes his bloody handkerchief from him. The noble suitors carry swords which they pull on Tristán, and Tristán carries a small knife or dagger. Teodoro is dressed as a traveller in the final scene when he is ready to sail for Spain, and Diana appears in her wedding dress at the end of the play.  Although most of the action takes place within the House of Belflor, there are a few outside street scenes (such as outside the church when the suitors await Diana after Mass, and outside the taverna when they contract Tristán to kill Teodoro). There is also a scene in the house of the Count Ludovico, when Tristán comes dressed as an Armenian merchant to tell him the story of his 'long-lost son' Teodoro.


A song is sung.

Cast number
Minimum Maximum
11 males 14 males
4 females 4 females
15 (total) 18 (total)
Cast information
Note that the RSC production had one actor play all three parts of Leonido, Lirano and Camilo.
  • DIANA, Countess of Belflor
  • LEONIDO, Servant
  • COUNT FEDERICO, Diana’s cousin and suitor
  • ANTONELO, Lackey
  • TEODORO, Diana’s secretary
  • MARCELA, Diana’s lady-in-waiting and relative
  • DOROTEA, Diana’s lady-in-waiting
  • ANARDA, Diana’s lady-in-waiting
  • OCTAVIO, Diana’s steward
  • FABIO, Diana’s servant
  • COUNT LUDOVICO, An old grandee
  • FURIO, Lackey
  • LIRANO, Lackey
  • TRISTÁN, Teodoro’s servant
  • CELIO, Ricardo’s servant
  • CAMILO, Ludovico’s servant
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Entry written by Kathleen Jeffs. Last updated on 4 March 2012.

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