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El cruce sobre el Niágara (1969), Alonso Alegría


This is a one-act play with six scenes.



A bed-sitter in a pension.  Bed, washbasin, bedside table, writing desk, chair, wardrobe.  The objects used are realistic.

Door giving onto a corridor, window with a low sill giving onto the street.  Second floor.  It doesn’t look poor.


Period.  It is spring but the nights are cold and windy.  BLONDIN wears comfortable clothes, smart without being ostentatious.  CARLO has only one suit and he irons his shirts himself, as best he can.


Around 1879


The small town of Niagara Falls, U.S.A.

Note on the rhythm:

A BEAT is a short moment of suspense within the dialogue.  A PAUSE is longer and generally implies a change of attitude.  A SILENCE really makes itself felt.

Cast number
Minimum Maximum
2 males 2 males
0 females 0 females
2 (total) 2 (total)
Cast information
The cast is comprised of two actors, plus as many actors as needed to play the off-stage voices of WILLIS, a FIREMAN and some NEIGHBOURS, as well as a CROWD at the end of the play. Voice recordings could also be used to serve these functions.

BLONDIN, 45 years old.  Tall, athletic, good looking, with a somewhat romantic air about him. Practical, gently spoken, and a good judge of character.

CARLO, 18 years old.  Small and slight, he looks 16.  Intelligent eyes, full of suspicion, but he is capable of giving himself up whole-heartedly.  He finds it very difficult to show his feelings.

VOICES. In the fourth scene, there are voices off: a baker called WILLIS, a FIREMAN and some NEIGHBOURS, as well as a CROWD at the end of the play.

Entry written by Gwendolen Mackeith. Last updated on 5 October 2010.

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