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El condenado por desconfiado (1625), Tirso de Molina

Damned for Despair , translated by Laurence Boswell , Jonathan Thacker

  • Tirso de Molina. 1992. Damned for Despair, adapted and translated by Laurence Boswell with Jonathan Thacker. Bath, Absolute


Damned for Despair, translated by Nicholas Round

  • Tirso de Molina. 1986. Damned for Despair (El condenado por desconfiado), ed. and trans. Nicholas Round. Warminster, Aris and Phillips

Further information

Nicholas Round’s translation reviewed by Williamsen, Vern G. 1989. Hispania, 72, 1, 163 and Wilson, Margaret. 1989. Modern Language Review,84, 1, 208-9

Heaven Bent, Hell Bound , translated by John Clifford


The Doubter Damned , translated by

  • Tirso de Molina. 1991. The Bashful Man at Court; Don Gil of the Breeches Green; The Doubter Damned, trans. John Browning and Fiorigio Minelli. Ottawa, Dovehouse

Entry written by Kathleen Jeffs. Last updated on 4 October 2010.

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