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El caballero de Olmedo (c.1620), Lope de Vega Carpio

The Gentleman from Olmedo (1992), translated by David Johnston

  • Vega, Lope de. 1992. The Gentleman from Olmedo, trans. and adapt. David Johnston. In Lope de Vega: Two Plays, pp. 87-159. Bristol, Absolute Classics


The Knight from Olmedo (1999), translated by Gwynne Edwards

  • Vega, Lope de. 1999. The Knight from Olmedo, trans. Gwynne Edwards. In Lope de Vega: Three Major Plays, pp. 81-167. Oxford, Oxford University Press

The Knight from Olmedo (1961), translated by Jill Booty

  • Vega, Lope de. 1961. The Knight from Olmedo, trans. Jill Booty. In Lope de Vega: Five Plays, ed. R. D. F. Pring-Mill. New York, Hill and Wang

The Knight of Olmedo (1972), translated by Willard F. King

  • Vega, Lope de. 1972. The Knight of Olmedo, trans. and ed Willard F. King. Lincoln, University of Nebraska Press. Note dual-language edition in English and Spanish.

Entry written by Kathleen Jeffs. Last updated on 14 March 2011.

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