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El Amasijo (c.1968), Osvaldo Dragún


This is a two-act play


Against a black backdrop, there is a door and a bed stage left which corresponds with María’s house.  Stage right, another door and another bed which corresponds with José’s house.  A telephone next to the beds.  In the middle at the back of the stage, on a small platform, are two tables, each with a chair.

At the beginning of the action, the curtain hasn’t come up.  There is a short pause.  María enters quickly.  She’s dressed in her ‘Saturday best’.  She stops.  Pauses.  She flings her handbag on the bed.  Suddenly, she throws herself on the bed and is about to start crying.  But just at that moment someone knocks gently at the door.  She props herself up slightly, surprised, they gently knock again.  She looks towards the door.

Cast number
Minimum Maximum
2 males 2 males
1 female 1 female
3 (total) 3 (total)
Cast information
The voices of MARÍA and JOSÉ’s mothers can be heard calling from offstage. These could either be recordings or live voices.




Entry written by Gwendolen Mackeith. Last updated on 5 October 2010.

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