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A media luz los tres (1953), Miguel Mihura Santos


The play takes place over three acts and an epilogue, all set in the living room of Alfredo’s flat.


The action is set in a comfortably furnished bachelor flat. In act 1 there are photographs of one of Alfredo’s first serious girlfriends, Emilia. At the start of act 2 the photographs of Emilia have been replaced by pictures of Marivi. In act 3 the photographs of former girlfriends have been replaced by pictures of Gary Cooper.

Sebastian and Alfredo are in their mid-thirties. They like to wear sporty clothes, white shirts, shorts and tennis shoes. Mariví is in her twenties, and also likes to wear sporty outfits. In act 2 Elena, who is in her thirties, wears a ridiculously plumed hat which gets in the way each time Alfredo goes to kiss her.

Alfredo has a device which he turns on to make it look like it is raining outside the window. He operates this with a secret lever.

On several occasions, Alfredo dims the lights in his flat to establish a more romantic mood.

Cast number
Minimum Maximum
2 males 2 males
1 female 4 females
3 (total) 6 (total)
Cast information
One actress can perform all the female roles, as was the case during the original run of the play in 1953.
  • LULU
  • PACA

Entry written by Gwynneth Dowling. Last updated on 13 October 2011.

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